Sunday, October 15, 2006

Life Drawing Sunday XII: J.M. Flagg's "Why They Married"

James Montgomery Flagg in 1915.

These drawings are all from 1906. I'm assuming that Flagg wrote the verse also. I don't know how many issues this series ran in. I wish I had more of them. 

UPDATE, 8/30/08: Google Books has a copy of Flagg's "Why They Married" available for download in PDF. Unfortunately, they did an inexcusably crappy job with some of the scanning.

Further UPDATE: Project Guttenberg has a better version here.

Yet more UPDATE, 10/3/11: Another drawing in this series uploaded.

July 26, 1906

September 20, 1906

September 27, 1906

October 4, 1906

October 11, 1906

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