Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Last Days of Boney Island

Boney Island, has been a Halloween tradition in Sherman Oaks for ten years. Apparently, neighborhood wet blankets have had it up to here with the fun and joy and happy children (and, to be fair, the heavy traffic) for two weeks of the year. After this Wednesday it all comes down for the final time, and will be auctioned off piecemeal on E-Bay.


Smith Family said...

Darn fuddy duddy neighbors !!!! We love Boney Island, so sad it won't be around anymore. It was so fun to go look around with our kids. We appreciate the time it took the homeowners to do this every year.

R.I.P. Boney Island...we'll miss you

Claudette said...

I live just around the corner from Rick and his fantastical display. For years I have taken pals along for the fun. And yes, the traffic is always a mess, but it's too bad the neighbors cannot tolerate a bit of a mess for the sake of a laugh or two. There are children who will never forget that place their parents took them too. And Rick is the one to thank for the effort, imagination, and belief he has had that celebration matters.

It seemed awfully quite around here this past week. (sigh)

Boney Island Fan said...

Guess what folks? Boney Island is coming back for 2011...same location. All new theme still using skeletons and the classic Boney Island family humor. Follow on Facebook, Twitter or www.boneyisland.com for updates. Get ready....this year will be better than ever!!!