Friday, February 08, 2013

Irv Spence's Cartoon Diary: February 8, 1944

Life Magazine February 14, 1944: Cover - Wall of Fame.

A chapter from "The Republic" by Charles Beard. Tito by Stoyan Pribichevich. Photo essay - Kansas. Earl Carroll's lavish show, including photos of Marietta Elliott, Marian Kerrigan, Grace and Nicco, Beryl Wallace and Pinky Lee. Air Evacuation of Wounded. Neat group of photos of different events in Madison Square Garden. The Battle of Baltimore by A.B.C. Whipple. Lucille Ball at the President's ball. War in Italy, photos include pilot Michael Strok, ruins of San Pietro. Full page photo of Britain's Squanderbug. William Allen White 1868-1944. Nice full page movie poster for "A guy named Joe" starring Spencer Tracy and Irene Dunne. Neat full page photo of Air Evacuation, inside ambulance plane, nurse Anne Marie Baran. Individual photos of wounded men, including Myron Whitney, Dale Hitzman, Eugene Pairis, John Lunn, Morris Milner, Floyd Wrich, Henry Wheeler, Theodore Haut, Robert McElheny, Harris Drake, Fred Minch and others. Very nice full page color Coca-Cola ad on battleship. Full page color A & P market ad with Mrs. Katherine Askew and husband John and two little girls.

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