Friday, September 20, 2013

Irv Spence's Cartoon Diary: September 20, 1944

From the March 1997 issue of Local 839's The Pegboard:

1985 Golden Award winner JERRY HATHCOCK died on March 8, 1997 at the age of eighty-four. From 1934 until his retirement in 1977, he worked as an animator, director and producer at Iwerks, Disney, Harman, UPA, Hanna-Barbera, Filmfair and Quartet.

Hathcock was a charter member of Local 839 -- one of the signers of the original petition that led to the founding of Local 839 in 1952. With his passing, only four of the original twenty-one charter members remain.

A partial filmography for Jerry Hathcock can be found at IMDB, while a list of 1301 cartoons he worked on is the result of a search on The Big Cartoon Database.

Belated birthday greetings are in order for son Bob who was born on the 19th.

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