Sunday, February 19, 2006

Life Drawing Sunday 1: T.S. Sullivant, 1890 - early 1894

Life magazine, that is. The original one. "The one," as Dorothy Parker said, "that was intentionally funny." This week, the earliest available work for Life by T.S. Sullivant. These are somewhat atypical Sullivant drawings, not in the signature style that would emerge over the next few years, but the penwork is typically spectacular. [Revised 7/3/12]

September 11, 1890

October 20, 1892

December 1, 1892
June 22, 1893

January 11, 1894
January 25, 1894

February 1, 1894

February 1, 1894

An article about T.S. Sullivant by Andreas Deja can be found here. There are also two portfolios of Sullivant drawings side by side with Sullivant-inspired drawings by Deja.