Sunday, January 14, 2007

Life Drawing Sunday 20: Herbert Merill Wilder

I got nothin', biographically speaking, on this guy except a birth year (1864) and a birthplace (Hinsdale, NH.) He seems to have been only an occasional contributor to Life, though even that's far from certain, as the years when his work does appear are those where my collection is most spotty. He may have appeared more frequently in other magazines and newspapers, but I've found no evidence of this. Whoever he was, whatever became of him, he had a likable style.

February 27, 1902

March 20, 1902

April 10, 1902

April 10, 1902

September 20, 1906

December 17, 1908

April 27, 1911

July 6, 1911

Puck's Monthly Magazine, April, 1913