Sunday, August 20, 2006

Life Drawing Sunday IX: Garrett Price

November 18, 1926

Garrett Price's work appeared in Life over a brief period of time in the mid-to late-1920s. His crisp, unweighted lines, spotted blacks and use of half-tones as a design element rather than a rendering tool complemented the more modern approach to cartooning and illustration that had been gradually achieving dominance over the look of the magazine for at least a decade.

A versatile illustrator and cartoonist, Price drew many covers and cartoons for The New Yorker. A sampling of his illustrations for short stories published in American Girl can be found here, and a 1919 cover he painted for St. Nicholas is here. And you don't want to miss White Boy.

December 9, 1926

March 17, 1927

August 25, 1927

September 29, 1927

August 30, 1928

March 29, 1928

August 30, 1928

March 8, 1928

February 23, 1928

January 26, 1928

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

On a personal note...

Happy Anniversary to my amazing bride of 9 years (who also did this drawing for our wedding invitations.)

No,no, love you.