Sunday, February 11, 2007

Life Drawing Sunday 22: More T. S. Sullivant "Fables"

April 30, 1896

May 7, 1896

May 14, 1896

May 21, 1896

May 28, 1896

June 4, 1896

June 4, 1896

June 11, 1896

June 11, 1896

June 18, 1896


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting all these great Life drawings (you can ditto this comment all up and down the page). This is a wonderful resource. I'm bookmarking and coming back often .

BixDog said...

s entry again and I LOVE these, especially The Fox and the Grapes. There's not too much from this era of the magazine that really makes me laugh out loud, but these had me rolling.
Thanks, Fil!

BixDog said...

(What happened to my comment??
It should start, "I know I've told you this in person, but I just reread this entry again...."
Lousy formatting...)

lobstersquad said...

oh, I adore saki, this is the best name for a blog!